Souls of Justice LEMC

"a club by its' members and for its' members"


ORIGIN and BIRTH of an idea

          Like many other clubs, our members were previously in at least one other LEMC before the Souls of Justice. Their collective experiences of disappointments, and the feeling that clubs often began to take on a focus, purpose, and meaning that was anything but the core of riding and camaraderie, is what caused them to gravitate towards one another and get back to basics. To ride as friends and comrades. What began as a simple email list of friends coordinating rides with one another soon began to grow into the idea of a new club. One that would be created by it's members and exist for it's members. In January of 2010, talks were begun on setting up such a club. This website is the mere beginnings of what was to come. 

          Eight Original Souls took on the responsability of drafting By-Laws, filing for Trademark, obtaining an online domain name, and launching this website. In addition a Facebook group was also created. In February the By-Laws were signed and notorized bringing official birth to the Souls of Justice LEMC. Although only eight original souls conducted these acts, each one brought the thoughts, ideas, and concerns of ALL members to the table and created a club where each and every member has an equal say. Colors were soon ordered and rides began to get scheduled. Many of our old friends came aboard and were all members from the start. Many new members have also joined us and we are looking forward to our first riding season.

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