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Just wanted to shake you all up a bit and wake you up. This website has been set up for all of our use. It is a place to share photos, rides, events, discussions, and friendship. Lately, no one has been taking advantage of this website or its functions. Let's all get on here once in a while, discuss stuff, break balls, whatever. It's here for information and sharing. So let's go!.......who would like to be the first to comment and get things going?hmmmmmmmm?...who?, is it you?

We got some rides coming up, talk about that, make suggestions, tell people what you're thinking. Suggest your own rides and/or events. Also, do not forget that you can (and should) comment on the calendar event itself.

If you do not have a password or access, request it in the members area, someone will get back to you.


"a club by its' members for its' members"

now that's what I'm talking about.....


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