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Hello Everyone. As some of you know I have been undergoing some test and procedures for an upcoming hospital visit, I did not let everyone know because we thought I was going in for a overnite visit to remove the small lump on my cheek. I did not want to worry anyone but as things have progressed It was at first a small operation, but we found that I have a cancer to tend to as well, so my hospital stay will be a bit longer followed with some radiation treatment.

I feel that my status by Dec 4th will still be a bit under the weather from surgery so I must cancel the party, I want very much to get together with everyone soon and "my secretary" will be handling the calander arrangement to find a date for the party to go on. I am sorry for not letting everyone know all the details earlier, but, as I mentioned I did not want anyone to worry, as well as now, don't worry for me, give a good prayer and a couple Hail Marys, you know, just to make sure he hears us,,haha, anyway I regret the cancellation and look forward to seeing everyone.hugs and kisses Bobbie E

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