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George Costa
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First I want to appologize for my lack of communication with all of you lately, But I have been very busy at work and its taking up most of my time including weekends( YES ARTIE, MORE THEN 50 HOURS A WEEK). I want to welcome Dave B, Bill F and Jerry D in the the club and hope they will see what we started is not just a riding club but a friendship. I have not been able to ride not only because of work but my bike needs to go into the shop to be worked on and I just have not had the time to get it there,  But I will be taking it in this week. We need to plan an October ride and also a get together / meeting,  So if anyone has any idea's please start sending suggestions. So with that I hope to see all my brothers and sisters real soon and remember SOULS OF JUSTICE LEMC FOREVER.


George Costa

"original Soul"



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