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Please be aware that to keep this thing free, there has to be some free ads appearing in the upper right part of the page. Some have witnessed some ads that may not necessarily be in agreement with our core values, i.e. shopping sites that have been erroniously linked to other subjects, i.e. outlaw mc's, dating sites, etc. It appears that these ads may draft off of your very own computers cookies and display ads that the cookies are telling google you might want to see. So, to combat that, we have placed a DISCLAIMER on the bottom of the home page and are letting everyone know to clean out their internet surfing cookies regularly. You may also be able to click on the google ads button and "opt out" under preferences if you seem to have a problem. We haven't seen anything too earth shattering as of yet but it's something for all to think about. Keep in mind though, that google ads also constantly seaches the page you are viewing. That being said, Google will automatically search any and all words, phrases, etc. on our site while you are viewing it, and then deliver ads that seemingly match content. This is why you'll see a lot of criminal justice stuff as well as motorcycle club stuff. Google cannot differntiate which motorcycle clubs are which, so you may see some that are in direct opposition to who we are and what we are all about. This post and the DISCLAIMER should suffice for all to know where we stand. Stay safe.


  One good way to clean up your cookies is to download CC Cleaner at and run it regularly (this in no way is an official endorsement for their software). Keep in mind that you will need to remember all your passwords first if you have chosen options such as "keep me signed in" or "have Internet Explorer rmember password". but other than that it will clean up a lot of the stuff left behind by surfing the web, i.e. cookies Unfortunately, you more than likey will still occasionally see ads that are in opposition to our core, nothing illegal or immediately offensive, but still nothing we would support. Hopefully it will not hinder the website. So far, so good.



"a club by its' members and for its' members"

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