Souls of Justice LEMC

"a club by its' members and for its' members"


 We are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who mutually share in our chosen professions and/or service in Law Enforcement. Our goal is to share in the fellowship and camaraderie of riding our motorcycles for our own pleasure and enjoyment. We hold no political views as a group, nor do we profess any specific loyalty to any individual charity or cause. We do believe in and support Police and Veterans causes as well as other Law Enforcement Motorcycle clubs with no bias or obligation. We are non-discriminatory when it comes to race, gender, and creed. We welcome all makes and models of motorcycles as long as their riders are trustworthy and of good character. We do not support, or ride with any Outlaws or 1%ers. 



Explanation of our COLORS or PATCH 

  1)                  The background outline is a universal symbol of Law Enforcement, a SHIELD. It is colored in BLUE so as to show our true blue color, the history and connotation of Blue and Police are obvious and should require no further explanation. The GREEN OUTLINE (as well as the same color scheme utilized in the name and location rocker patches) is also a color well associated with Police and their history, in this case, it also recognizes and welcomes all of our brothers and sisters who are of Military Law Enforcement backgrounds, we are all cops.

2)                  The SKELETON RIDER upon a winged wheeled horse who carries the scales of justice is meant to signify many things. It pays respect and honor to those SOULS who have upheld justice in the past and are now gone but not forgotten. It is not meant in a derogatory or outlaw way, it shows that we will carry our beliefs and values as Law Enforcement into the grave and beyond riding until our skin falls off in the pursuit of justice. The rider is wearing a HAT WITH A GOLD STAR similar to that which was worn by some of the original lawmen of this country. He carries and wields the NIGHTSTICK or BATON, historically; this was the weapon of choice issued to police to carry out their duties prior to any guns ever being issued. Many a lawman before us never had the luxury of a revolver or pistol. The HORSE upon which he rides signifies the iron horses upon which we ride. The WINGED WHEEL, a long time police and rider symbol, is the driving power behind that horse. In the horses mouth are the SCALES OF JUSTICE, he carries them as he rides, wherever he rides, upholding Justice. The same holds true for us as members, wherever we ride, we will carry them wherever we go.

3)                  The CROSSED REVOLVERS above the shield signify the historical start to the modern tools of our trade. Revolvers were generally the first side-arms issued to many Municipal Police Departments and the weapons of the original Lawmen and Sherriffs of our Country. They led the way to the present various makes and models of firearms that we carry today. The significance of them being paired is also meant to recognize the bonds that are forged in Law Enforcement partnerships. (In the case of an HONORARY or FAMILY member, this patch will not be worn clearly showing their civilian status in the club)

 4)                  LE and MC are placed on the back to clearly and unequivocally display that we are a LAW ENFORCEMENT MOTORCYCLE CLUB. Our members are from Law Enforcement background and we share that common bond and additonally have absolutely no connection, nor support to or from any Outlaw or 1%er motorcycle clubs.

5)                  On the front of the vest is worn a smaller version of the center back patch without the crossed pistols, and a uniformed red, white, and blue American Flag patch, both worn over the left breast area.



Crossed Revolvers


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