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RIP to our beloved "Old Soul", Ride on Bobby, ride on and know that your Soul is alive in all of us. 




Who we are

The Souls of Justice LEMC was a motorcycle club primarily in the Long Island, New York area consisting of members with Law Enforcement background. There are some members from the upstate area as well. Most of the core membership has either passed on or relocated to other States. While the Brotherhood of the club remains close to all of our members' hearts, the days of it being an active club are behind most of us. You may still see our colors flying at some local rides or fundraisers on Long Island, if you do, shake the Brother's hand, share a hug and ride on. Our emphasis is on riding and friendship. Our members come from all forms of Law Enforcement including City or Municipal Police, County Police, State Police, Correctional Officers, Court Officers, and some members of the Armed Forces Police (MPs). For more information about us, please refer to the "About us and our Colors" section


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